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Personal Trainer Cape Town can help you with your weight loss problems!

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For the past four years I’ve made repeated attempts to try and shake the extra weight I was carrying, but without much success – my training programmes resulted in injury, and my diets resulted in pure frustration!

But I’ve finally found the answer.

Training with Waynne is easy, fun and it delivers rapid results. I have been training with Waynne for three months and have lost 11kg. My body feels great and my health exceptional.




Waynne is a no-nonsense trainer who focuses on functional training exercises and exceptional motivational techniques to get the job done.

If you are serious about achieving your health and fitness goals, I highly recommend using Waynne at  Personal Trainer Cape Town.

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Getting there,still some way to go….
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“Getting closer….”

Sharlene Swart

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