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Estelle Delmont

Let me start off by saying that,Estelle’s training road has been a tough one,it was not an easy road when starting her training program…,when she came to me, she was looking at extreme back pain…,scoliosis…,postural problems to mention a few…



She is one of my client’s that works extremely hard, and gives everything in her training and her personal life..,eats very clean..,and keeps it that way…,she has developed a very positive and strong mind…,which has changed her in many ways…,she is definitely not the same person, that I first met…,she has overcome so many hurdles, to get where she is today…


To get the results that she has achieved,takes a hard and focused mindset..,pitching up,when you don’t feel like it…,arriving when you have emotional problems…,trying to push forward when you are going through issues…etc..


She now, has people stopping her and asking her…

“How did you do it..?”

“When people knock you down, you get up and you push harder…”

Each one of you is capable of so much more, you just have to believe it…


Its,that simple..

Estelle,well Done,

You deserve it!


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