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Sciatica and back pain

As a fitness professional, at Personal Trainer Cape Town I  have had quite a few people in Cape Town come through my Personal Training practice..,with 70% of those people having some form of lower back issue,it’s not all doom and gloom when we find out we have a back issue,there are certain exercises,that all can do to assist you, in alleviating the problem area or managing it…





During our lives we all suffer from back pain now and then….,depending if it’s an injury ,wear and tear or a sports injury.

If that is the case,I would suggest that you consult your physician, to make sure that it is nothing serious….,after that start working on a strengthening program with exercises that target your lower back and core, as well as work  on your flexibility to improve your range of movement,which will aid in pain relief.



The GOLDEN RULE is,look after your back..

  1. Keep your core strong
  2. Keep your back strong and flexible
  3. Maintain your posture/shoulders back,tighten up your tummy, and walk up straight.

NB-Remember the 3 “P’s”…


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