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First of all, you need to understand, that your body needs a proper Balanced Nutrition Diet, with a proper daily amount of: vitamins, proteins, minerals and carbohydrates. Get into a habit of eating exactly 3 Meals a day. 1. Eat breakfast within one hour of rising. Breakfast provides at least 30 percent of the total […]
We understand at Personal Trainer Cape Town  that certain teenagers want a more personalised approach  to their training or need it.  We work with teenagers one-on-one on all facets of exercise and fitness from weight loss, improved fitness, increased  stamina, improved balance, learning how to box, and sports specific training and more. As a Certified Personal trainer, with the power of  positive reinforcement and  motivation, I am committed to making a difference  in your child’s life.  I teach your child how to play sports,  exercise in ways that better suit  their growing bodies, learn new ways to maintain a  healthier lifestyle and stay fit overall.  Parents can see Noticeable effects in the  self image and social activity after  some time!!  Personal training advantages for children include: Increase  resistance  Muscle building  To burn fat  Better nourishment  Stamina  Flexibility enhancement  We give group rates as well. PERSONAL TRAINING FOR TEENAGERS A certified personal trainer will help assess what  […]
TO PERSONAL TRAINER CAPE TOWN  Your one stop for all your Personal Trainer needs from… Online Personal Training Home Personal Training and much more… Do you know what it’s all about enlisting the services of a Personal Trainer? If you have used a Personal Trainer, then… Did the workouts lack variety and seldom change? Not […]
An asthma patient generally has sensitive air passages, or airways, resulting in difficult breathing for the patient when these air passages are irritated from an atmospheric change. It is crucial to note that some sports will have a higher probability of inducing attacks in an asthmatic. However this does not mean that an asthmatic cannot […]
You buy them and they don’t get the job done. Anti cellulite pills, lotions, gadgets, rubber tights and other silly money wasters that sell you hope and nothing else. The truth is, your best weapons in your battle against unwelcome cellulite are a smart nutritional routine and a consistent, properly structured workout program. I’ll assume […]
Exercising is a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy, but there is also a risk of injury. However, if you follow some basic guidelines, and stay within your physical limits, you can ensure that you’ll have an enjoyable and safe workout. Warm ups: Warm ups are essential… this cannot be stressed on enough. […]
Due to Corona Virus lockdown Personal Trainer Cape Town is offering Online Personal Training in Cape Town and with clients all over the world to ensure that you do not lose your fitness edge or training results that you worked so hard for in the gym environment. Your Online Personal Trainer sessions will be in […]
Home Personal Training Ever thought of personal training in the comfort of your own home? Do you need to get fit, get your body into shape and eventually reach your goals? Do you find it difficult to find time to get to the gym? Our Home personal trainer is qualified to take you to the […]
The quest to develop a stunningly fit, lean and attractive body is a long, slow journey. It’s not something you achieve overnight by popping a few pills or strapping an electric gizmo to your belly. Last week I looked out my window, and where there was once nothing but a dirt-filled empty parking lot, there […]
Myofascial Release. What is it? Myofascial release is a type of physical therapy used to treat myofascial pain that one finds in area’s of your body that seem pretty tight and painful. This kind of pain is a chronic pain disorder caused by  tightness and sensitivity in the effected tissues. Relieving and releasing tight muscles can make a big difference […]