At Personal Trainer Cape Town we assist you with all your fitness,and Personal Training needs in Cape Town and abroad...

What are your exercise Goals?

At Personal Trainer Cape Town we help and assist you to reach your training and exercise goals, whatever they may be.

Depending on the individual, training will be focused on a specific training type and program for that individual.

My Personal Training clients fall into one of the items listed below:

Weight loss 

For those of you that are in need of weight loss, training is structured in such a way that after 2 to 3 months, training results are obvious, with the correct personal training methods.


Weight gain

There are those that struggle to put on weight, no matter how much exercise or weight training they do, once again with the correct foundation, eating habits, the possibilities are there..


Strength training 

There are specific athletes who require specific strength training programs, that assist them to achieve certain actions at a quicker and stronger pace, there are certain exercises, that help to enhance that for them.



Training for pregnant ladies 

We need to be very careful when exercising when pregnant,therefore it would be advisable,to seek out a fitness professional to assist, as there are certain exercises, that we do ,and don’t do when pregnant.,a training program, specifically for pregnancy is tailored to suit the individual.

Fitness training 

This personal training program falls into the same category as strength training, and the same rules apply, all the training methods are based on getting the individual to maximum fitness.



Core and stabilization training 

Your core is foundation, when it comes to everything we do,so many neglect their core,and balance,this personal training program has a lot to do with balance and abdominal core work,which I work with my clients, most of the time, as it is quite important, in all facets of exercise.



Toning and  shaping  

The ladies favorite program, but not to be scoffed at, you can still feel you have had a good workout…,here we work on toning and tightening up those specific areas on the ladies..


Cardiovascular training 

The same as the fitness program, mostly for my runners,who are looking at increasing there time’s on the road, we deal mainly with cardio…


Sports specific training 

All the athletes who need to have their program centered around a specific sport, a personal training program is structured for this purpose.



Muscle imbalances 

During the course of our lives, we have a tendency to favor certain muscle’s, which needs to be corrected, as this can be damaging to our wellbeing going forward..,a personal training program is designed to correct that, sometimes in consultation with a physiotherapist if need be.

Contact Personal Trainer Cape Town now to get you on the fitness road.


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