How much weight can I lose?


This is a question i am often asked…


It all depends on a few factors..,normally a person can lose a healthy 2 to 4kg’s in a month,I am sure there are those out there, that will tell you, and promise you much more…

(emphasis on healthy..)

It also depends on the following:

  1. If the training methods are correctly prescribed.
  2. Clean eating habits.
  3. Limited alcohol and sugar intake.
  4. There are no injuries that need to be taken into account.
  5. Whether the client has to first be strengthened before interval training can take place ,to get the weight off quicker.


A Positive CAN-DO-IT attitude.


It’s very important to have a consultation to map the way forward with the personal trainer, that you have decided to work with.

I need to be very honest with you…,its not an overnight thing ,or a quick fix ,you are looking at nothing less than 3 months to get weight off safely and effectively…,how much, depends on you.., and the above factors…


If you find that these issues are not a concern for you ,and you have the correct positive and mental attitude, as well as ,REALLY¬†¬†want to get that weight off ,then it’s just a matter of connecting with the right personal trainer…

After that the results should start SHOWING!

Good Luck!



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