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Gideon Kok


I have always been skinny,my whole life,and what made it even worse was,that I am very tall,even as i teenager,I was very tall,and skinny..,which we all know how that turns out…..

I heard about Waynne in Green Point,Cape Town and skeptically thought,…

“What the hell,what do I have to lose”,i had tried everything and nothing was working….

Waynne and myself had a chat and he explained to me,that with the correct diet,and training methods,things could start happening…,that I just need to stay positive…

I knew that it would be an up hill battle,with me being so tall,battling to eat,work stress etc…

All I can say is,if I did not meet Waynne,I would have still been at square one…

Its taken a lot of frustration,early mornings,almost throwing in the towel moments,but thanks to some great positivity from Waynne,as well as building up my self confidence and self esteem…,its happening…

Waynne’s favorite saying is…,”There is no such word as CANT”

It is so true…


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