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Dr Lauren Hill


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As a lingerie supermodel and still in amazing shape after being a teenage ballet dancer 20 years ago, there is very little that a personal trainer could have done to improve my near perfect body, or my superior state of cardiovascular conditioning.


I came to Waynne just to smooth and tone my frazzled mind. So imagine my surprise when Waynne calmly yet without warning told me straight, the actual real truth right at the beginning: – “You are extremely unfit. And you are out of shape”.


And then immediately started “encouraging”  me to do strenuous exercise and work on my fantastic physique , while at the same time helping me to get over my fear of the gym, surrounded by all those mirrors in every direction…

It has taken me a few months of intense training, working my butt off to get Waynne in shape. Which is hard to do when you’re breathless with laughter most of the time during sessions.


All jokes aside, through working with him I have lost weight, improved my fitness and brought my blood pressure down.

Waynne has been the perfect Personal Trainer for me: – a great blend of professional engagement and fun.

You still owe me a ninja mind, Waynne!?


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