7 Tips to Prevent Weight Gain during Lockdown?

We are all finding ourselves in a difficult period of our lives, with most of us stuck at home in our various countries due to Covid, but it’s not all doom and gloom.


You might find that you are stuck in lock-down at your home’s or there could be another reason ,like busy family life, taking care of old people at home or kids or due to some kind of illness or injuries, the reason could be any of the above, but that said we can still prevent weight gain when stuck at home,


As an online weight loss personal trainer at personal trainer cape town, I will provide you with tips you can add in your daily life and we can try to limit that weight gain and calorie intake.

How to stay fit. Tips

1. Limit your sugar intake 

Yes you heard right, sugars are just empty calories and the sugar GI level is way too high, which in turn raises our insulin level too quickly and as a result, we start gaining weight. Our main goal is to make our metabolism faster so it speeds up the process of burning calories.


Tips 2. Eat frequent meals

You might have read it already , but the problem is people don’t follow it, why? Because we think eating every 3-4 hours is boring and time-consuming..

Frequent eating does not mean you have to prepare a proper meal like your breakfast or lunch it is just a snack between your main meals ,like you have one apple, one cup coffee, 1 zero sugar protein bars or one fist of dry fruits with seeds, something like that.

See how easy it is?


Tips 3. Eat small meals

Eating full meals most of the time makes us bloated and we won’t feel like eating for hours afterwards ,which is bad for our healthy digestive system.


Tips 4. try to wake early ,before 6 am

Yes I know 6am seems early, but, we waste our time on social media or chatting unnecessarily till late hours. Try and avoid staying up till late at night and you will find that you will be able to get up earlier in the mornings.  It will help your body to function properly and you can eat more frequent meals.


Tips 5. Try to drink no less than 2-litre’s of water in a day. Most of us get confused about drinking water and frequent meals as they feel bored but it is all about habits. You can make notes of how many hours in a day we waist by unnecessary chatting, gossips, daydreaming…, so drinking water hardly takes 20 seconds.



Tips 6. Avoid stress.

I know it sounds easy to say avoid stress, but with time and being positive and really working on those stress levels, you will find that you will be able to cope and manage those stress levels with increased physical activity and a positive outlook.



Tips 7. Learn to enjoy life.

Sometimes we find that life is hard, so try and surround yourself with positive like-minded people. Spend time with family, as well as your friends, go out for walks, hikes, go do that sport that you enjoy and just enjoy life.

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