"Fitness is about so much more than exercise. It's a catalyst for positive change, and it affects every aspect of your life."

Tracey Obery

As happens with life though things changed, I ended up leaving Waynne back in 2010 and promising myself I would keep up my training on my own and I tried for a while but soon the normal excuses came in to play, it’s too expensive, I don’t have the time, etc.
Naturally as a result I ended up worse off then when I had first met Waynne. Last year though I decided it was time to make the effort again.  I had had a very trying year prior and had decided it was high time to put myself first again.
Rather reluctantly at first, as I knew he wouldn’t be impressed I sucked up all my courage and returned to one of the best personal trainers in Cape Town.
It was wonderful how immediately he put me through my paces and how over the last 9 months that I have been back with him he has been able to shift my mindset.  It doesn’t matter how I am feeling mentally and physically he is always able to get the best out of me during our sessions. Using his special blend of humour and charm he is able to sneak in a whole lot of cardio generally without you catching on.
If you need a personal trainer who focuses on the personal and doesn’t walk around with a phone or clipboard in his hand then Waynne is the right one for you.  He is by far an exceptional trainer, one who will help you get results, especially if you trust his wisdom to guide you.



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