Dr Dion Opperman

“Why a Personal trainer?

Would you ask a plumber to fix your tv or the gardening service to fix your car?

If you really want exercise to improve your fitness, body image,
etc,why would you want to do this on your own without an expert to
help you.

I have been training with Waynne for some time now. He will
intuitively suit each session to your physical needs, whether they are
weight loss, weight gain or overall body toning.

When you would be mentally, too tired to train effectively, he would
carefully slide in the extra cardio session….without you noticing….

He makes your hour of exercise efficient with maximum benefit.
Even when you you are mentally tired, you leave with a feeling of
achievement, knowing that you have been pushed to your maximum

Picture of Dion 223x300 Dr Dion Opperman

Feeling and looking great…

Dr Dion Opperman


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